Aviation industry (also aviation sector) refers to the industries and organizations, engaged in the various aspects of aviation, such as airlines manufacturing, airlines flying, operating, maintenance, ground-handling, training centers, airports and regulatory bodies.
The possibilities of the development of air traffic during peace-time and the effective use of aircraft for military purposes became quite clear in the past few years. There are extensive experiments in India.
 The benefits and advantages of Aviation has been discussed below:
  • The expansion of air traffic has made the world look very small, indeed. It is possible to make a round-the-world trip in a modern aircraft in the course of less than two days.
  • One of the obvious results of the progress in aviation has been wider and more intimate international intercourse.
  • It is now possible for different peoples of the world to exchange their thought and ideas in diverse spheres more frequently because of the vastly increased facilities for contact provided by air communication.
  • And the greater such facilities are, the closer will be the cultural and intellectual understanding among the different nations of the world.

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