Former Union Health and Family welfare Minister Dr Anbumani Ramadoss  said recently,

"Healthcare is not just building fancy hospitals. It is preventing people going to hospital . And how do we do that ? By giving them clean drinking water , good nutrition and good environment, all of which will give them immunity, sanitation and prevent them going to hospitals. but unfortunately the focus is only on hospital..Today we need a realistic 3% participation by government. India can be the fastest growing economy but in the last few years India has not invested in health. budget for healthcare has decreased. India is definitely not investing enough in healthcare. Total investment in India today is 6% of GDP. Of this, only 1% is by government and rest is by private sector..As compared to Germany, where the government spends 88%, which is why people here have to spend out of their pockets here.. Highest percentage of rural indebtedness is healthcare. 18 lakh people die due to alcohol. India has only one doctor for 1700 people as against the ratio of one doctor for 700 people as per WHO parameter(World Health Organisation).."

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